EMBRACE CHANGE with Henkaa Convertible Dresses

Elegant and stylish Henkaa dresses are one of the hot items this year. Why?

Our clients tell us…comfort, price, no alterations, can be worn again and again-just make a few changes and voila’…you have a new dress.

Our Brides choose Henkaa for their Team Bride because of colour choices and every member of their team can wear their own style.

Our expectant Moms love Henkaa because of comfort and fit during their pregnancy and the fact that they can wear this amazing dress after baby has arrived. And nursing baby is a breeze in a Henkaa!

‘Henkaa’- Made in Canada – perfect for any body-type and occasion….

Simplicity is beautiful with Henkaa!

We have sample dresses in store to try on…Simply choose your style and colour and we will place your order. Because Henkaa is made in Toronto and shipped from there– delivery time is quick.