You’ve said yes to your partner and set the date for your wedding. Let the excitement continue as you travel the path that leads to ‘Your Day’.

Having the right people by your side on your wedding day journey, can and will make it a fun and memorable time. So make sure you surround yourself with supportive people who understand your needs and will lift you up during your wedding planning stages and on your wedding day.

This is your day to share the celebration of your love for each other

Keep the Wedding Bliss…

Some personalities just don’t mesh well with others. Conflicting personalities who are not going to work together for your best interests will lead to a lot of unnecessary stress.

You should not feel obligated to choose anyone for your wedding party. This includes friends and/or family members. You should be excited about asking someone to be in your wedding party, not feel pressured or guilted. If your gut tells you it’s not a good fit, it’s probably not-and for all concerned.

Some people just have to be the center of attention and always be caught up in their own drama no matter what the circumstances are. You know this is who they are and not even your wedding is going to change them. They can still be your awesome friends, but really, this is your day and the spotlight is supposed to be on you.

*Even though you don’t choose these family members/friends for your Wedding Party, they can still be a part of your wedding day as a guest.

And on with the choosing..

Whether you and your partner have a large or small wedding party the top priority is choosing quality people who understand you and are supportive of this new chapter in your lives.

It’s a big undertaking to be an Attendant in a wedding party because the role requires dedicating time, energy, money and support.

You’ve asked and they’ve said yes…

Your attendant(s) will be beside you all the way because they know and understand it is your special day!

Without any doubt these special people will commit to travelling the journey the way you see it; and, be willing and available to do almost anything to ensure the plans leading up to it and your Wedding Day will flow smoothly for you and your partner.

They will be reliable, present and punctual for ALL wedding related events.

They will always have your back because they love, trust and respect you as a couple and support your life decisions. And of course you love trust and respect them as well.

They are excited for (and with) you and can make you laugh; but also be a shoulder to cry on when you need them most.

They know how to calm you when emotions get high and probably know you better than you know yourself at times because they understand you from a deeper perspective.

When it all comes together (and it will),  you will know it was because of those very special people you chose to join you on your journey.