Finding your Perfect Wedding Gown

As you begin the steps of your new journey…heading towards your wedding day, we are all set to help you find your perfect wedding gown.

We believe that choosing your wedding gown should be a relaxed, fun and stress-free experience and our brides tell us their experience with us was just that.  We love seeing smiling faces and are very proud of our reputation.

Did you know when you purchase your Wedding Gown from us you will also receive:

-A Special Thank You gift from Us to You.  We appreciate you supporting our local business.

-A Proper Cloth (Breathable) Garment bag:   To protect and keep your dress in Pristine condition before and after your wedding day. *We are sorry. At the moment we are out of our special bags due to our manufacturers being out of stock.

-Free steaming of your gown prior to your wedding day.  Give us a few days’ notice and we will have it all ready for your special day.

Our tips for our Brides

Give it Time:  Shopping a year in advance is advisable.  This should allow plenty of time for your gown to arrive, plus time for alterations.

Your Wedding Gown experience is about you. It doesn’t have to be a certain way.   It’s all about your personality. The most important thing is to find a gown that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.

Set your appointment, and then clear your calendar:  So that you (or we) are not rushed. Shopping for a wedding gown is not comparable to buying your regular wardrobe.  It takes time to choose gowns and do fittings.  Length of appointments may vary but 1 – 1 1/2 hours is appropriate.

Share your likes and dislikes with us, then let us do our magic.  All Brides are unique.  Some know what they want while others are undecided.  No worry.  Keep open to different styles and fabrics.  And remember, our wedding gowns look more beautiful on our brides than on the hangar. 

Budget:  If you have a strict budget please let us know.  That way we can choose gowns within your budget.

Lingerie:  With the right undergarments, you’ll have a better idea of how a gown will look and how comfortable you’ll be in it. Many gowns have built in cups/bras-more often than not the gown looks and fits better without an added bra.

Be ready to buy when you find the gown you love!  Our ‘Off the Rack’ gowns are available right now.  If you don’t buy the gown you love, there’s a chance it may not be here once you’re ready to buy.