Planning for your Wedding Day…

Today’s weddings are as unique and individual as the Brides that grace our doorway looking for the perfect dress of their dreams.
No longer do the rigid rules of yesteryear apply… when the Bride was to wear white only and wedding ceremonies took place in a church officiated by the attending clergy.
Today’s Bride CAN wear any colour she wants and get married wherever she chooses.
Your wedding day belongs to you and your partner. So it only makes sense that choosing the way your special day unfolds should bring joy and happiness to both of you!

Wedding planning will help you through to the day you say, “I Do”…Really, it will!

So much to think about, so many decisions to be made, so much to do. Yes there is; but determine right now that your wedding planning will not get out of hand, will not stress/burn you out. Keeping your self-preservation is a must.

Once your wedding day arrives, you and your partner (and everyone in attendance) will have fun celebrating your love. And isn’t that why you decided to unite together in the first place?

Deep Breath….Smile.

You are about to take the first step towards a new chapter in your life.