Stepping out to say ‘Yes to the Dress!’

You’re excited! You are ready to begin looking for your Wedding gown. With a couple of Team Bride members at your side it’s time to set out on your journey to say…YES to the gown of your dreams!

We are excited for you as well and want your Bridal shopping experience to be happy, stress-free and fun.

Welcome to our’s some general info on what you can expect when you step through our door.

Because our gowns are constantly coming in contact with the floor we ask that outdoor footwear be removed before you enter our showroom. This will keep our gowns clean and fresh for everyone. We provide slippers for your comfort.

Thank you for removing your shoes.
Please help yourself to a pair of slippers from the basket
& come on in.

We are here to help you find what you are looking for, so help us get to know you (just a few  questions about your like/dislikes and your wedding details).  If you’re not sure about what style you want, don’t worry.  Together we will find your perfect dress…that looks, feels and is YOU.

Now that we know what you are looking for we will help you choose gowns that reflect your likes/style. Once selected, we will set you up in a fitting room with your gown selections.

Handle with Care

We strive to offer our clients quality garments that are free from damage, stains, marks and scents. To ensure this continues…

Use extra care with intricate beading, lace and other delicate embellishments while browsing through dresses on the racks.

Please keep makeup to a minimal (especially lipstick) and do not wear Self-tanner.

We ask that you use the provided wipes to remove all underarm deodorant/perspiration. After trying on, please feel free to use the provided spray deodorant to freshen up.

We will help you get into your gown and with all fasteners (corset back, zippers, etc); attach your veil and any other accessories you may want/need.

And now…you are ready to step out and onto the stage in our viewing area; where you can get a full view of the dress and show your Team Bride for their opinion. We understand you may want to take photos of your favorites, so pictures are allowed.

Now that YOU have said YES to the DRESS

We will take your photo with our ‘I said Yes to the Dress’ sign and post your news on our Facebook page with your approval

Please sign our Memento Wedding Dress dedicated to all our Lovely Baldini Brides

About our Dresses

Off the rack: These gowns can be purchased and taken.

Exclusive Line:  We will take your measurements and order your proper size using the manufacturers sizing chart.  Note:  There is a 14 week time-line for delivery.  These special orders must be paid for in full before order can be placed.  

We will call you when your gown arrives to set up a 1st fitting appointment.  And you will be able to take your dress home.

Most often, alterations are needed. If you do not have a seamstress, we can provide you with info on a local seamstress who we recommend. She has done alterations for many of our clients.