All about a BRIDE and her DRESS!

It’s in that magical moment when a bride finds ‘her dress’… she has no doubts, sees no flaws, feels like she has ‘arrived home’ and can visualize herself walking down the aisle that will unite her with her partner.
And her feelings reflect from the inside out…
We know when our brides find their perfect dress. We see it in their smile, facial expressions, how their eyes light up; and often in the tears of joy from the bride and/or Team Bride.
We are all about making your dress search fun, stress-free and enjoyable so we’ve put together a few tips to help you help us in taking care of your every need.

Let the Search begin
Plan ahead to make this day a joyous and happy occasion: The average ‘first time out’ takes 1-2 hours of trying on dresses. This can be emotionally and physically draining so it may be a good idea to have a little something to eat/drink beforehand.

Help us get to know you…
-Do you have a style in mind?
-When is your Wedding Date? We need ample time to order your dress so it arrives in time for steaming, alterations.
-What is your budget?

Trust and love your vision, but keep open to styles you never imagined would suit you. Often, our Brides choose a style they thought would not be comfortable or suit their body type.

Team Bride: Bring along someone who knows you well, will give an honest opinion, respects your choices and encourages you to be true to yourself. *** (too many opinions can confuse and sway you if you do find a dress you absolutely love)

Undergarments can change the fit and look drastically. Wear light coloured bra and panties, bring along any articles (strapless bra, spanx, etc.) you are planning to wear on your wedding day.

As well, bring along anything you intend to wear with your dress on your special day (shoes, veil, jewelry or anything else you are definite on)

Comfort is our # 1 Priority

Think Fit not size: Wedding Gown sizing cannot be compared to street wear. If you regularly wear a size 6, your wedding gown could range from a size 2-12
If need be, go up a size not down a size: It’s easier and less costly to take in a dress versus take out a dress (which may not be do-able to keep the look/style)

Sizing and Alterations: Your measurements will be taken in three places (bust, natural waist and hips). Your measurements are then compared to that specific designer’s sizing chart. We consult with you to select the designer’s size that best corresponds to your measurements keeping the silhouette and style of the dress in mind.

A common misconception… Even though we take your measurements dresses are NOT custom made to your measurements.

We err on the side of caution…and order a size that will fit all your measurements, even though that size may be big in one or more areas.

Alterations are usually necessary since it is rare that a person will have exactly the same three measurements as any size on the designer’s size chart.

Shipping Time: approx. 4 months
We recommend ordering your dress at least 8 months before your wedding date. This will allow time for alterations and eliminate any stress working with a short time frame.

If you don’t have enough time to order a new gown, we also have a fantastic selection of discounted off-the-rack samples for sale, making for a speedy and budget friendly option!